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But to start off....

Just because a self proclaimed "expert" says something
it doesn't mean they are right
especially if they are on the TV or Radio.... or have just written a book!

Read "Carbon Cycle Explained" the button on the left.

What cleaning products do you use?

I use vegtable based products that do not contain any petrochemicals.
On me and for washing plates and clothes etc.
Underarm, I use a salt stick (some use a 'alum' stick but I am unsure of that).

There are various 'eco' products on the market.
(but there are some that are not so 'eco').

I also use...

bleach (there is an 'eco' version which is useful in some cases)


sodium bicarbonate NaHCO3
this link gives a good overview

What food do you eat?

I have not eaten meat for over 28 years.
I avoid petrochemical derived additives and things like saccharin ( C 7 H 5 NO 3 S ).
No to Aspartame - this is really bad... apparently more addictive that heroin..!

I do eat fish, so am not a full vegitarian.
I occasionally have cheese (but don't freak if it contains rennet).

I rarely have-
potatoes (inc crisps) or pasta, 

I grow some of my own food in my little garden,
Lettuce - the red leaf type varieties seem less bitter (not rocket).
Chard - rainbow if I can get the seeds, some of these plants survive the winter and give some fresh greens in spring.
Spinach - 4 types.
With the 3 above, when the plants are little, I harvest the baby leaves and use raw,
then pick leaves though the year which is better than using the whole plant.

Some herbs,

Use Sea Salt .... not .... cheap table salt....!

Nettles.... cooked not raw...!

I entered a competition... they were asking for recipes using tinned fish...
Here are two of the ones I sent...

Mixed fish salad.

Using... Princes Tuna flakes, Mackerel, Salmon, mixed lettuce, chives, mayonnaise.

Wash the mixed lettuce and give them a quick shake to remove excess water... now lay the leaves on top of one another then pick up the edge of the bottom leaf and roll into a tight swiss roll... then using a sharp knife carefully slice the swiss roll from one end every 5mm to produce 'ribbons' of lettuce and loosely lay on a serving plate... now finely chop the chives and sprinkle over the lettuce. In a bowl add the Princes Salmon and Mackerel and break into small pieces with a fork then add the Tuna and mix them together but not to loose there chunkiness... now add a good couple of tablespoons of mayonnaise and gently move the fish around so they all get coated... using the fork distribute over the lettuce and chives... Serve...


Mobile fry up cooking... Trick...

Using... Princes Tuna Chunks in sunflower oil, eggs, baked beans, cheese.

When I am out and about camping... Carrying cooking oil is dodgy as it can leak and ruin clothes etc... So I carry cans of Princes Tuna Chunks in sunflower oil... I open the can and drain the oil into the frying pan so I can fry the eggs when they are almost done I move them to the side of the frying pan and add the baked beans and mix in the tuna and allow them to warm through sprinkling the cheese on top... I then eat directly from the frying pan as it keeps everything warm and saves on washing up... ;)