Squeaky Design's website
Milton Keynes , England , United Kingdom

Professional Design Consultant.

Multi-Disciplinary Design, Problem-solving and Reverse Engineering.

 Eco  & General Troubleshooter

 & Traditional Carpenter.

Listed in the Green Building Bible.

Professional Interior & Exterior Designer .. diploma.
Ecological and Historic Craft Tutor ....

Bushcraft, Food Foraging, Growing and Gardening also Survival training

my Published Article...
Carbon offsetting CON" ... see Carbon Cycle Explained page

I am available for talks and lectures, at schools and business groups.


e-mail .. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
squeakydesign (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk 
I check my email about once a week.

DIY Guidance to full project management.
No Percentage, No Sales pitch, My only Bias is Ecological.
I am non-Political. 

29 years living without any mains services spent acquiring experience in multi-disciplinary Ecological Design,
Research and Build, Low-tech alternative solutions inc.

  Prepairing for Off Grid Survival in an Emergency or long term
Wind Turbines
12 volt and other DC electrics.
Historical Reconstructions and Experimental Archaeology.
Real Ergonomic Interior/Exterior Design on land and afloat.

Designing, Building and using a Wood Burning Stove
Wood collection, preparation and storage.

So if you are thinking of Living the Good Life,
living more Environmentally Friendly,
be Ecologically Sound and Save some Money
or would just like to
"Tread Lightly on the Planet".

I am also available to teach you how to grow your own food, small or large scale.
and many other traditional Crafts and DIY.

I have been doing it for real, long before it was fashionable,
(unlike the TV experts!)


I have also gained some understanding of Allergies and related subject's
also Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD and other learning abilities... 
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please e-mail me with any questions or Ideas.


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(PHONE NUMBER HAS CHANGED please e-mail me ... see above...

the info is some years old, as I now refer people to this website).


       The building on my business card dates to around 1580, its a Cruck Frame House and was built 16 years ago.

I have built a Mesolithic house, ground plan dating to 7,800BC over 5,500 years before 
Stone Henge.
I will be publishing an Academic Paper on my findings, 

I am a RYA / MCA Qualified Coastal Skipper-- both Power and Sail also Powerboat Level 2.
 I also have extensive experience on the Canal's, Broads and Rivers in the UK.
Experienced Design and Boat-fitting all aspects including Engines
and pre-  BW, EA, MCA, Boat Safety Certification.

Tuition tailored to your needs.



Squeaky Design is the correct spelling not Squeeky Design. 
SqueakyDesign is a Ethical, Family and School friendly UK website.