Ecological, Traditional and Historic Craft… courses.



Brigit Strawbridge visiting the Mesolithic House (under construction)
with Mark (course tutor).

Travel back in time to the Mesolithic period 7,800BC just after the last Ice Age,
the time when our ancestor's were making the transition from Hunter Gatherer's to Farming and Building more Permanent Structures…


In our Prehistoric Living Skills course you will learn about making fire, a clay bowl to boil water, 
and making bread from seed, using other wild plants and more…
Other Courses including.. Green and Seasoned Woodworking, making and using other Natural materials, 
Use a Pole Lathe, Mare, Carve Wood, produce oil, flax and other fibres, work Clay, and even build your own Clay Oven at home.


Wind , Water, Solar and other low-tec, low cost solutions.

Experience how to live Ecologically and Tread lightly on the Planet.

Mark is a Qualified Professional Design Consultant with over 27 years living without ANY mains services, 
spent acquiring experience in multi-disciplinary ecological design (built his first hot water solar panel over 30 years ago). 
He "Squeaky Design" is listed in the Green Building Bible under 'Design' and also 'Timber Frame' (2nd and the new 3rd edition ISBN 1-898130-03-05)
 and is also a member of the A.E.C.B. (Association for Environment Conscious Building).
 Is non political and has given talks/lectures locally and on a National level.

Mark is also a R.Y.A./M.C.A. Coastal Skipper both Power and Sail.

With a life long interest in Traditional Crafts, Woodwork and Historically Accurate Reconstructions and Survival Skills.

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