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This is a vast area.
Firstly I must advise you to see your GP (Doctor).
Then I can become involved.

This at first sight seems a vast area.

but .................

It can be simplified into the following areas

Imported     Induced     Resident

What you bring into you home or work space.

a major cause can be
petrochemicals - this can be in many forms.
for example...
butane or propane - used as a propellant in aerosols'.
Paint - some will say organic or low odour / voc.
Magazines - some have a 'new smell' - there are quite a lot of people that react to this.
 also New furniture, carpets, underlay, flooring etc.
Pollution of Air and Water...

Food and Drink

Nuts are well known - there is now a treatment in the UK, which is reducing sensitivity for a high percentage.
Additives - 'e numbers' and other things or procesess.

I get flu like symptoms from some drinks - a certain Organic Cider and some Red Wines
the cause seems to be an added preservative, probably sulfur.

Have you considered how and in what you cook and serve your food...
What you use to wash up?

Dust Mites, Bed Bugs, Fleas, Mould, Bacteria.

This is obviously not a complete list...............
I have just met someone that is alergic to a number of plant and petrochemical derived products...

adding more soon.